Tool lifecycle-management

Das Tool Lifecycle-Management dokumentiert, analysiert und visualisiert detailliert die gesamte Historie Ihrer Werkzeuge. Über den kompletten Lebenszyklus des Werkzeuges werden sämtliche Informationen erfasst.


Das Tool-Lifecycle-Management digitalisiert den gesamten Werkzeuglebenszyklus! Alle anfallenden, das Werkzeug betreffenden, Aufträge können über das Modul abgewickelt und detailliert dokumentiert werden. Zudem werden alle werkzeugrelevanten Informationen erfasst, automatisch aufbereitet und anschließend in einem detaillierten Servicedashboard visualisiert.


Digital management of tools and service orders of the tool maintenance department

All relevant data, documents and deadlines are stored centrally

  • Work instructions
  • Plans (Parts list, CAD data, etc.)
  • Measurement results
    e.g. Hot runner, flow rates of the cooling circuit etc

Tool-based evaluations of support & service orders


Easy creation of service orders
  • Problem description and / or work order
  • Order deadline, delivery date of the tool back to the production department
Digital recording of the tasks carried out and errors found on the tool. The process status of the tool support can be follow up live at any time:
  • Order creation
  • Incoming check
  • Repair
  • Outgoing check
  • Delivery date of the tool back to the production department


Transparent documentation of the entire service process

  • Mould and order reference data
  • Repair and approval status
  • Before-and-after media (pictures, videos, documents)
  • Tasks / order positions
  • Data inventory
  • Pictures of the damages / visual markers
  • Recording of the fault patterns & repair measures carried out

Export function of the order as PDF and Excel

Automatic notifications


Analysis & evaluation function

  • Global evaluation of all tools
    • Identification of repair and maintenance intensive tools
  • Tool based evaluation
    • Identification of recurring problems and weaknesses of the tool

Clear visualization of the evaluation using understandable graphs and diagrams

  • Service history: date / cycles / errors
  • Overview of orders and error patterns
  • Service history over time
  • Detailed error images according to the error catalogue