Intelligente Spritzgiess-Werkzeuge

for the optimisation of the injection moulding process

Condamos is the complete solution for optimised injection moulding trough intelligent injection moulds.

The system can capture, visualize and analyze the process data of the injection moulding process. It monitors the process data of the injection moulding process in real time and reacts to parameter deviations
CONDAMOS links the process data with the data from the support and service of your injection moulding tool.

With CONDAMOS, potential production breakdowns during the injection moulding process as well as problems with your injection moulds can be detected early on and be avoided.


Lösungen für Spritzgießwerkzeuge Optimierung Spritzgussprozess
Optimierung Spritzgussprozess Spritzgusswerkzeuge



The injection moulding process is a complex interaction of different systems. Temperature controller, hot runner, injection moulding machine and sensors installed in the mould already record a large number of different process parameters. Although the systems are connected with each other mechanically or by cable, up to now the process data remain in the individual systems.
This raises the question of whether the molding process could be permanently improved by removing the system boundaries and connecting the different systems with each other.



& Mould data

The injection molding process data and mould data are recorded in real time with the EAGLE sensor datalogger, the mould data box, as well as client communication via OPC / UA and IO-Link devices.

The systems involved in the injection moulding process are networked and all relevant process data are merge. The process data are synchronized on the local server, mini PC or cloud server and visualized using the TSM Platform.

The TSM platform is the smart and digital service booklet for the service and support, and extend the collected data with information about the service and repair tasks performed on the mould. In addition, it visualise all data. Wartungs- und Reparaturmaßnahmen des Werkzeuges. Des Weiteren visualisiert es alle Daten.

Process optimisation

Done with CONDAMOS

CONDAMOS can in real time monitor the plastic injection process in real time and link the data sensibly. 

Kritische Parameterabweichungen können identifiziert werden und so potentielle Produktionsausfälle und Probleme an Ihrem Werkzeug frühzeitig erkannt und vermieden werden. Prozessablauf, Spritzeilequalität und Werkzeug werden so optimiert.


  • Less downtime
  • Lower repair and maintenance costs
  • Needs-oriented maintenance instead of static maintenance intervals
  • Higher productivity
  • Constant quality of the moulded parts


the complete system condamos

Process data collection

  • Sensor on the mould
  • Client communication over OPC/UA
  • IO-Link devices


  • Acquisition of digital and analog standard signals
  • Acquisition of non-amplified sensor signals
  • Reinforcing thermocouples and pressure sensors

Interface Software

  • Acquisition of the data via EAGLE, OPC-UA and IO-LINK
  • Setpoint adjustment of the process data in real time
  • Installable on customer's server or mini PC
  • Connection to the TSM database

TSM platform

  • Visualization of the process data
  • Analysis of the process data
  • Installable on customer's server or mini PC or cloud.
  • Configuration options for the user in case of a setpoint deviation

The modules

logo tool support management platform

Software solution

• Basic module (platform)
• Digital order management
• Digital tool (service) book
• Visualization platform for:
– Service & support
– Process data from the production process
– Analysis of the process data

Hardware solution

Digital switch
Process monitoring based on cycle times:
– Maschinen-Anlagenüberwachung

logo eagle sensor datalogger Spritzgießwerkzeug

Hardware solution

Records tool-based process data during the production process
Sends the captured data to the backend for data storage & analysis


on your injection mould tools

In coordination with you and your application cases, we adapt your existing injection molding tools for the use of CONDAMOS.

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